Hello! You know how I always talk about stretching? Well, I’ve figured out a few realistic, non-BS ways I make myself stretch even though it’s hard for me to do something I don’t wanna do.

Check out 5 tips to stick to stretching on the podcast today!

**AND I have a lil note for my readers – I’ve been getting a lot of messages that ya miss my original random runner and eating and life updates. So I’m working on bringing some of that back! Stay tuned.**

How I Make Myself Stretch Even Though I Don’t Want to and Have ZERO Self Discipline

1. Grab a drink and snack
2. ‎Put on a podcast or show
3. ‎Set timer
4. ‎Stretch… do what feels good
5. ‎publicly shame myself or… don’t give up  – Even though I fail at this very often I haven’t given up on myself.

Now let’s break it down…

1. As soon as I get back from a workout or run that I plan on stretching after…

I get Spark or iced coffee and sometimes I’ll get fruit or trail mix to eat while I stretch.  I drink Spark as a pre-workout or just randomly throughout the day (but not after 3pm because it has caffeine).

2. I put on something that I like to watch or listen to as a distraction.

This makes it fun and a lot more enjoyable. I usually watch a reality show that I wouldn’t normally just put on and watch (like Vanderpump Rules). It’s easier to justify watching something totally indulgent and pointless if I’m doing something good for my body at the same time.

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3. Once I have my drink and some drama filled reality TV ready to go… I tell Google Home to set a timer for 10 minutes.

That’s it. I stretch for 10 minutes and I don’t have to watch the clock or timer – the magic Okay Google machine tells me when the 10 minutes are up and I’m done!

4. I just do what feels good.

At least for right now anyway – I don’t have a specific stretching routine. I start with some basics like a forward fold and then move to each leg just stretching where I feel tight. Ahhhhh! It’s nice to just listen to my body. I usually focus on my quads and hamstrings – which are always tight. This morning I stretched my back a lot because it’s super tight and I feel like I can’t breathe.

5. I haven’t given up on myself.

I need to stretch more. I should stretch everyday! It’s hard for me to make myself do something I don’t want to do. But I won’t stop working on it. I want to make stretching a habit. I want to make it a part of my training plan long term. So I’m trying realistic lil tasks to help me do it more often.  And unless I suddenly read an article that says running is actually bad for you I’m going to keep going.

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Resources from this podcast:

1. Fabletics leggings and top in 1st image

2. Spark

3. Vanderpump Rules… anyone else watch?

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Question: Did you stretch after your last run or workout?


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