Today we’re running with Cesar Villagran and chatting all about his first half marathon. He chimed in on one of my Instagram live videos asking about what to wear at his race because the weather was supposed to be a lot colder than usual. I followed up with him to see how it went and asked him to share this training journey to run 13.1 miles.

He’s lost 60 pounds in the last few years, went from running his first 10k to a half marathon in a year, couldn’t run during Hurricane Harvey and got sick which meant no running for a long time – we talk about all that and more!

It’s back to basics plus a lot of great reminders for seasoned and new runners. Chime in on the comments if you’ve had similar experiences.

Warm Up:

Ran the PCRF Half Marathon this weekend. Check out the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation’s website for more information on how to support the cause.

Notes on my race… Race Recap coming soon!

I smashed my finger in the door rushing around in the morning. And now I’m afraid I don’t have a high threshold for pain!! I got nauseous and dizzy when I hurt it – this has happened before. I need to figure out how to deal with things like this.

Running Buddy of the day– Cesar’s first half marathon

Cesar chimed in on a recent Instagram Live video that he had his first half marathon coming up. I reached out letting him know I want to talk to him after it. I want to know how he went from no running to half marathon finisher in less than a year!

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The challenges of this training cycle included = It was his first half marathon. Hurricane Harvey made it impossible to run and then he volunteered to help in the clean up efforts. He got sick and was unable to run for a while. Training in Texas summer heat. Then – a super cold race day!

Notes from Cesar’s first half marathon…

He used to dread running. But a supportive friend helped encourage him to join a group training for a 10k race. From there he gained the confidence to sign up for the Aramco Half Marathon  – part of the Houston Marathon.

He’s lost 60 pounds over the last 2 years.

He had a training group, but couldn’t really keep up with them. So he asked the coaches to give him the workouts / runs and he’d run on his own. He eventually used a run / walk method to train.

Hurricane Harvey hit in the middle of training and he wasn’t able to run for almost 2 weeks. We chat about how that affected his training and fitness.

He trained in Texas heat and then a hurricane but on race day it was super cold.

Running a big race means – tons of people, packed corrals and potentially starting a while after the gun goes off for the first runners. –> I’ll follow up with tips on how to deal with this soon!

What is up with clothes everywhere on the ground at races?

His goal was Just Finish – and that’s what was on his bib!

What’s next? And more!

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Thank you so much to Cesar for sharing his road to running a half marathon. You can follow him on Instagram – @CesarV1127.

Runner Resources from this episode:

1. Get the right shoe for YOU. Cesar runs in New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

here is the women’s version New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

2. He’s reading the book – As a man thinketh

3. Check out Cesar’s instagram here.


Podcast Awards:

  1. Iced coffee and warm weather.
  2. My middle finger for getting smashed in the door.
  3. Donuts in the microwave.


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