Hello!! I think I heard this workout gear tip from the Happier podcast. It was a Happier Tip meant to help you live a happier life by making something a lil easier. I love that it’s super easy and helpful and didn’t even come from a fitness instagram or podcast. Plus – it’s a hack I’ve never heard or seen before so I wanted to share it.

I believe you should set yourself up for success and make things easier to get done. This includes prepping and planning. A lot of times you hear the word ‘prep’ and think – ‘meal prep’, right?

Well, this tip is workout prep. You can prepare a whole week’s worth of training clothes ready to grab and go out the door.

This prepped gear is great for early morning runs -> no thinking at 5am – just grab an outfit, change and do your pre-run rituals.

This tip also works great for post school or work runs -> grab an outfit, put it in your bag and head out.

Running Gear Hack Supplies:

Running Gear (clean)

Closet Organizer –  it’s a hanging closet storage made for shoes ones made for sweaters or other items should work fine too.

Running Gear Hack

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