Hello! I ran around in Napa this morning. Did you run today? How did you Pile on the miles?? Let’s hear it in the comments. But first, let’s talk about running in Napa.

I am with a press group for an event promoting the new Panasonic Countertop Induction Oven. We are staying at the Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa. It’s a condo style hotel so the rooms are set up for long stays (they do timeshares here too). There is a small kitchenette area with a sink, dishes, fridge, microwave and coffee maker.

They have a spa, multiple restaurants and pools, the  rooms were spacious and the customer service was exceptional.


I saw someone walking out of the lobby with popcorn.

Most people would not give it a second thought. But, your Monican loves popcorn and is curious. So, I asked at the front desk, “Hi, I saw that girl had popcorn. Where did she get it?”

Well – they were giving it away free for some reason. Boom. I scored a bag that I popped back at my room. This made me happy.

After yesterday’s events I got to the hotel, explored a little and then decided to order room service for dinner. The food in Napa is amazing, but I was solo and didn’t feel like going out. Room service had a very fancy and delicious kale salad with cashew dressing. I got extra veggies on the side too.

Unfortunately, I could NOT get the coffee maker to work this morning. Boo.

I usually travel with instant iced coffee packets and this is the first time I’ve forgotten maybe ever. Double fail!

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My favorite thing to do while traveling is RUN (or maybe eat, it depends on the day). As soon as I checked into the hotel I stopped by the concierge and asked for suggestions on where to run. Mr. Concierge Ryan directed me to Kennedy Park. Well, first he suggested this out and back route that was only 3/4 mile one way. Yeah, I needed more miles than that.

But running to Kennedy Park, around the trail there and back got me 8 miles for the day.

Ryan directed me what route NOT to take to the park because he didn’t think it was safe to run solo. That was helpful and I really appreciate it.

It was a cold, foggy morning that froze me a little. It was also completely GORGEOUS to watch the sunrise over the vineyards in the distance. I kept stopping to take pictures because everything was so pretty.

So there I was just running along… and I saw something in the sky. Hmmm.

What is that?


Yes, it was magical. Is this real life? Running in Napa, watching hot air balloons floating around… it was a very special lil run.

8 miles in Napa. Done and done.

When I got back I checked out the Meritage’s walking path behind the main lobby. There are grape vines planted by type and amazing views.

I stopped at the resort’s coffee shop on the way back up to my room. Post-run breakfast was fancy room service.

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This omelet was stuffed with tons of veggies including wild mushrooms and asparagus – two veggies I love but rarely cook myself.

Pile on the Miles Day 4

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Leave a comment on this post with your check-in:

Did you run today? How much? Rest day? Other??

Disclaimer: ProCompression is providing the prizes for this week’s POTM challenge. Travel sponsored by Panasonic. All opinions are my own.


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