Hello! I got invited to a super fun event at California Adventure last week. Cigna is one of the main sponsors of the Disneyland Half Marathon and 10k. They put together an epic scavenger hunt for bloggers in the area and runners in town for the race. Here are some of the highlights of that adventure!

First… lunch. I was super hungry when I arrived. Luckily lunch was set out when we got there. It was a delicious spread of salads and fancy sandwich fixings.

After lunch we were given a backpack with the clues and a few supplies we needed. Then, it was GO! We had a whole book of scavenger hunt clues – there were 12 stops and a few detours. Some of the clues were easy and some were super hard riddles and word games.

I don’t remember the clues but I do remember some of the answers!

We had to find an exercise word on a sign… RUN!


Spell out an action word in front of a mailbox. J-U-M-P!

Coat! It was hard to find a coat at a theme park in August! We saw plenty of hoodies and finally spotted a coat… on this cute lil lady.

One of the challenges was to use a mini rice cake and get it from your forehead to your mouth using just your face muscles. Glad I didn’t have to do this one (because I was so sweaty).

There was a bonus challenge too. It was something like… take a picture in front of a Disney character while doing an exercise. I spotted the green army men from Toy Story and full on chased after them to get this shot.

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One of the army guys got into it with us!! Ha!

Do your favorite fighter pose with another team!

We also played “Red Rover” against another team!

My team didn’t win but I did get a big bear hug!

I had a great time. It made me want to run the race so much!! I didn’t register because I was going to be out of town (but didn’t end up going). I need to register for the next one before it sells out!

Follow #CignaRunTogetherhashtag and #DisneylandHalf event hashtag for more fun from other bloggers.

Question: Does it make any sense that I like bear hugs but not regular hugs?


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