I woke up Saturday not feeling too well. Actually, I woke up with a killer sore throat and feeling pretty weak and lethargic. So, I went for a walk/run and then we went skiing in Big Bear. Yes, this is what I do when I am sick. I am crazy folks – get used to it.

I had a fruit salad with Greek yogurt topped with Flax Plus cereal on the way up. I also had a couple of bites of Ben’s egg and sourdough toast. B: approx. 400 calories

On the way up we stopped at McDonald’s, which is the last restroom stop before you start winding up the mountain with no bathroom for about 45 minutes or more. Ben got us a Shamrock shake and a huge hazelnut iced coffee to share. He had never had a Shamrock shake before so I was excited for this new experience, but he was not too impressed. Boo. We only stop at a McDonald’s for a pee brake so, this was a nice little treat since it will be our only Shamrock shake of the season, so I enjoyed it and didn’t make myself feel guilty. I probably had a couple of sips of the iced coffee and maybe 1/4 of the shake. S: estimate 160 calories

I packed pb and naner sandwiches for lunch. I was cheap with the pb on mine to keep the cals down. I used a little over a tbsp and half a small banana. L: approx. 330 calories

After skiing for a couple of hours we stopped at 7-11 for hot chocolate. By then my throat was killing me so I got a Crystal Light Slurpee for something cold on my throat and a juice for vitamin C. The juice was gross, so I gave it to Ben. I also bought a little container of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, because it is like crack. I ate about half the little bowl thing and drank some of the hot chocolate and Slurpee. Here he is holding our stash. S: approx 220

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We stopped for dinner at Souplantation and I ate about 1600 calories there. Yes, I am trying to lose weight and yes I did eat about 2700 calories in 1 day. I was none too happy with myself, but I have to move on. I wrote it down and started a new day on Sunday.


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