Hello! I started my day with an easy 8 miler. My legs really were NOT feeling it today and I took a few walk breaks in there too. Luckily, I’m taking tomorrow off from running and hope to be back in action Tuesday evening for group.

Post-run I wanted a smoothie. Unfortunately, Ben was working on the freezer last night and we forgot to turn it back on. Luckily, there was one big chunk of ice that is was still frozen. Time for a massive smoothie in a bowl!

Toppings: Attune Chocolate granola (warning: it’s more addictive than crack) and PB Puffins (warning: see warning for granola), plus some Cinnamon Raisin PB.

I think this might be my best topped smoothie ever! I went back for more toppings half way through.

I ate this while watching Cheerleading finals on ESPN. I was kind of embarrassed that I still LOVE watching cheerleading, but guys watch football and basketball forever too!

Cheer for life!

Those were the good days…

Confession: A big part of the reason I wanted to run the Disney Marathon is because I never got to go to nationals there

Ben and I are headed to Las Vegas today! We’re just going for a little fun trip and may catch up with friends while we’re out there

The last time I went to Las Vegas was for the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in December. Other posts – Deadication and Las Vegas RnR Expo

Before that I went for a Bachelorette Party, ate at Serendipity and had some beverages and dancing.

And when Ben and I drove from California to Maryland – our first stop was Vegas! Classic Vegas fun.

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Okay, I’ve gotta pack – see you on the road!


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