Hi! I have two things to share today: 1.) the BEST diet advice I heard ever – and it applies to everyone. 2.) the weird thing I do every morning.

First, my weird thing. Well, I have a lot of weird things but here is one example:

Every morning I wake up, change into running clothes, make iced coffee and then squat against the couch and check instagram.

I don’t know why or when I started doing this, but it’s my thing. I think it feels good so I’m kinda stretching? Notice that today Vegas came to sit by me for my morning ritual…

It rained again here this morning too! How weird is that? It only rains on Mondays I guess.

Vegas went outside in the rain so when he came back I pretended like I put more food in his bowl and set a towel down so he’d stand on it and dry his feet that way. Lazy idea for the win.

Wait. I remembered another weird thing I did!

I’ve never done this before so I thought it should be documented. I wore ankle and arm weights to clean yesterday. I figured it was a rest day and this would be my strength training. Boom.

Okay now for the best diet advice….

The other day I was listening to a running podcast. The episode was about nutrition and there was a doctor talking about different diets and how people eat or don’t eat certain foods.

He said, “You have to be careful when taking advice from young healthy fitness professionals, they’d probably be fine no matter what they did.”

Yes. This is just such a good reminder I stopped mid-run and made a note of it to pass on to you.

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We all read blogs or hear podcasts or watch YouTube videos where people swear that cutting out all grains changed their life or how eating a diet of 70% protein or fat or whatever made them feel better than ever. But a lot of times these suggestions are coming from people who are obsessed with their health and fitness (and spending a lot of money and time on those things),  young and healthy or have a health issue that doesn’t apply to you.

The best thing you can do for your health is to listen to your body, know your body and treat it accordingly. And really take in all information you hear about food/fitness/diet/supplements and process it with common sense.

Examples: If you feel better after cutting out dairy – that might be because the dairy you were eating was ice cream and that high sugar/high fat/dairy combo isn’t ideal to make you feel great? OR If you cut out gluten that might mean those animal crackers you were eating by the handful at 3pm are now off limits and you lost a few pounds because of that.

I’ve had a difficult time learning about what I should eat and what I should NOT eat with my thyroid issues. Most people with hypothyroid have Hashimoto’s. I don’t. I just have low thyroid and probably a sluggish metabolism to go with it. But people with Hashimoto’s have certain diet restrictions that I thought applied to me. After a lot of research I’m not sure if they really do. So, it’s back to the drawing board. But the thing to remember is I shouldn’t randomly follow a certain diet just because someone else swore it worked for them.

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Do YOU. We’re all different and our needs and tastes are different. Do what is best for your body and mind.

P.S. – I don’t remember what podcast it was and I have like 102 of them in my feed so I’m going to try and figure it out to share when I have 22 hours to look into this.

Question: What do you like best: blogs – podcasts – videos?


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