Hello! How are you? Are you going to go hard for NYE or keeping it chill? I can’t decide what to do. Before I start thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions and goals for next year I want to share the BEST and WORST posts / runs / eats / fails / recipes / PR / travels / fun / tears and more from 2016. When I began putting together this post I didn’t really think I did a lot this year. I guess that’s why it’s good to stop and think about what we’ve accomplished. It turns out I had a lot I wanted to highlight and share. It’s a long one… hope you have  snack and a beverage!

This year I ran in San Jose, Napa, Israel, Florida, was mentioned on Oprah.com, spoke on a panel about Instagram  at Shiftcon in New Orleans and continued to grow RER into a great community, resource, blog and business. I’m proud of that.

I also had some moments I’m not necessarily proud of, but still want to note for the memories…

I drank an entire bottle of wine for the first time.

I peed on my cat.

I got attacked by a frog!

I shared my struggles with life, love and health:

Running with Hypothyroidism

HPV Doesn’t Stand For Hungry Person Virus

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I did a whole week on Runner Safety and hope it helps keep you safer out there.


I created some delicious recipes:

Baked Goat Cheese Balls

Fondue at Home

Easy Black Bean Burger Recipe


I ran half marathons and full marathons and a 10K with my mom!

Here are all my Race Recaps and Results from this year:

Southern California Half Marathon

Surf City Half Marathon Recap

LA Marathon Recap

Phoenix Marathon Recap

Run Disney Tinkerbell 10K Race Recap

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Recap

Laguna Hills Half Marathon Recap

Suncadia Half Marathon Recap

Long Beach Marathon Results

Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

Revel Canyon City Half Marathon PR results <- I got a surprise PR in there too!

I shared a lot of running tips, tricks and advice. I love your questions about all things running, racing and training so please keep ‘em coming.


Running Tips:

Best Advice if You’re Anxious or Scared to Run

VLOG – How To Get Back Into Running After Time Off

5 Tips to Get you Running


The BEST thing that’s ever happened because of this lil running blog

When I started to think about this round up post I immediately knew what was my BEST moment of the year. Actually, it’s not just the BEST thing I did this year, but I think it might be my favorite opportunity to come out of Run Eat Repeat ever.

First, I’m super grateful that RER is at a place that would put me on such a press list. (There were authors, writers, journalists and runners from all around the world that covered the race and travel.)

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The best thing I did this year was go to Israel and run the Jerusalem Marathon. It was the most amazing, special, intimidating, emotional and powerful trip I’ve ever taken. Actually going and seeing and touching the places Jesus walked was unlike anything else I’ve ever done.


Why I Came to Jerusalem

My First Falafel and Cat in Jerusalem

What I Ate in Jerusalem

Runners Without Borders

Jerusalem Marathon Recap

Floating in the Dead Sea

The race was VERY hilly and challenging. Traveling alone to a county I didn’t really know anything about on a press trip was a little scary. I didn’t feel super ready to tackle such a challenging marathon, but I really wanted to run the full if I was going all the way to Israel and I wanted to make that trip, that race and the entire experience last as long as possible and just soak in every minute. I’m so grateful I got to do that and it’s definitely the most awesome opportunity that’s come my way thanks to this lil ol’ running blog I started to document dieting and running my first marathon.

I never thought it would have grown into the business it is today. I realize I’m very very lucky to be able to write a blog and share my life, running, eating and randomness with you everyday. Every single day I appreciate you for reading and following along. Whenever I get an email, message or comment from a reader I’m happy to help where I can. Whenever I get contacted by a company with a new sponsorship opportunity I am grateful.

Thank YOU for reading this year! I hope you’ll follow along next year too! I have a really exciting Run Challenge coming up in January that will get you on track to be a faster, stronger, better runner in 21 days. Happy Running!

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Question: What is the BEST thing you did or saw or heard or made this year?


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