Hello! I went on a quick trip to San Francisco last week and am reporting back with a lot of food, fun and random behind the scenes travel updates. I was invited by Real California Milk for a day of nutrition, cooking and food photography tips. There was a lot packed into a short trip and here are some of the  travel highlights…

I love San Francisco so I was super excited to have some time to enjoy the area. When I was a kid my family did a couple road trips up the California coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco a few times. It is an 8 hour drive. Eight. Ocho. That’s a long drive! Luckily, the flight from Orange County to SF is super short so I was there in no time.

And my travel snacks were fitting for a trip to meet the Real California Milk team – string cheese! I didn’t plan that – just grabbed what I had! Oh, and I scored an empty seat to my right and was able to stretch my IT band on the plane. This makes me so happy.

I’ve been to SF several times for races, blog events, vacations and intense sourdough cravings. And it was a short trip – so when I got to my hotel I threw my stuff down and headed out to walk around the Embarcadero, grab some bread and listen to the seals.

I stayed just across from the Ferry Building and this was the view from the end of the hallway. Gorgeous!

Now for some fun facts on my previous travels to San Francisco:

1. I know I visited Alcatraz (the island across the bay) when I was a kid because there are pictures of me and my brother. But I do not remember it at all. Nope. Nada.

2. I ran across the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time with my friend Bobbi during a food blog conference. I was so excited because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do!! And it completely POURED rain on us the whole time. We ran from the hotel to the bridge, across the bridge and back… then, we got an old fashioned Uber to take us back to the hotel because we were freezing.

3. During one family trip my parents bought me and my brother tickets to the wax museum and then went across the street to have a drink while they waited for us.

And it was terrifying. All the wax figures were in the dark until you walked up to the exhibit to trigger the motion sensor. It was so scary!! No one else was in the museum – it was just the two of us and big wax people standing there in the dark!?! So, I refused to keep going and went back to the front (I did NOT want to walk through more scary exhibits to the end).

My brother was super mad (like super man but smaller) so we found my parents and I think my mom went to the museum and through the exhibits with him. This might have happened on the same trip as #1 but I CAN’T REMEMBER.

4. I went to see a baseball game in SF as part of a blog trip 2 years ago. We had some free time before going in and decided to walk out to the water and enjoy the scenery.

Then, a group of naked cyclists rode by… 100% no clothes. And I don’t know why but one of them slowed down to talk to us and said it was some sorta ‘ride your bike naked day’ and I looked it up and yep, it’s a thing.

(**I was in San Jose to watch the Gymnastics Olympic Trials and met Simone Biles and Nastia Lukin that trip too!!)

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5. One time before a trip to SF I googled ‘How do you run across the Golden Gate Bridge’ – I had done it before but wanted to make sure I remembered the route…

One of the first search results was a blog post about it from a lil website called RUN EAT REPEAT! HA! I hope RER is helpful to you (or at least kinda fun?) but I never expected it to tell me how to do something (that I already did). 

And 5 Random Photos from my trip:

1. Alcatraz in the distance and a seagull up close… or should I call him a bay-gull. #DadJoke

2. Carbs are here.

3. You dropped your wig.

4. The Ferry Building has amazing fruit, coffee (Blue Bottle!) and vegan donuts. Get all of it!

5. The Ferry Building at dusk…

The next morning I went for a short run but wasn’t able to make it to the bridge. Next time!

I’ll be back tomorrow with healthy and delicious tips for breakfast and an epic cheese board.

Question: Have you been to San Francisco?

Have you been to a WAX MUSEUM?!!

This post is made possible by my partnership with Real California Milk. All opinions are my own.


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