Hello! How’s it going? You ready for an awesome week?!

This morning I went out for a run and saw something random. It was kinda good though because that distracted me for the rest of my run when I got to thinking about all the weird stuff I’ve seen while running.

After the run I had my usual breakfast plus a treat. I picked this up a packet of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter yesterday. I’ve been craving it and knew if I bought a whole jar it would be gone in a flash. It works.

Now on to the crazy stuff I’ve seen on a run…

The Craziest Stuff I’ve Seen While Running

1. Chonies. This is what I saw today. How exactly does one lose their underwear randomly while walking along a paved path in a high traffic area of Orange County??

2. Buffalo. I spotted some buffalo at the start of the Catalina Marathon – which is crazy for around SoCal! I never have seen a deer here let alone a freaking buffalo!

3. The ground, up close. Yeah. I see this a lot. Damn gravity.

4. A guy riding a unicycle. I feel like it’s extra weird, because it seems so normal and then you realize it’s not a bike but a unicycle and have to do a double take.

5. Fun signs. I spotted this while running in Oxnard for the Strawberry Farm tour. Someone added the “in the name of love” to a STOP sign. How fun is that?!

6. A guy walking a long with a parrot on his shoulder. I bet this is the same guy I’ve seen at Sonic eating outside with a bird!

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7. Manatees in Florida. I have been obsessed with manatees since I was a kid. I finally saw one in December and it made my tiny lil black heart burst with happiness. I also saw dolphins during the Malibu Half Marathon way back in the diz.

This post makes me think of this super old running ad about runners…

Question: What is the craziest / coolest  or weirdest thing you’ve seen on a run?


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