Hello! How’s it going? I’ve been busy over here with the usual work stuff plus I had a doctor’s appointment, a dentist appointment and was puppy sitting.

I have a quick post with some “Dos and Don’ts” on things I’ve learned this week…

Do: offer to walk / visit / love your friend’s puppy.

Don’t: Get a puppy of your own.

If you’ve ever had a puppy you know why. If you’ve never had one let me give you a head’s up…. they like to bite /chew everything, they are very messy eaters, they jump, they don’t know where to pee/poop so anytime they seem like they need to go to the bathroom you must stop whatever you’re doing and take them out, they try to bite their leash, they are clumsy, they want to be friends with everyone (even drunk passersby when you’re outside waiting for them to pee at midnight)… And they are unbelievably adorable that it makes your heart so happy you don’t care about any of those things.

Do: Take pictures of all your pets when they’re sleeping.

Don’t: Let them take pictures of you while you’re sleeping (I’m not a cute sleeper).

Do: Get your annual physical to make sure you’re in tip top shape and to know your normal.

Don’t: Tag your one friend SkinnyRunner in your Instagram story with this picture because she will tell you  that you’re not longer her friend and then you’re down to zero friends.

Do: Stop and ask 101 questions about a puppy you see in Trader Joes. <- This interaction might have completely changed my life forever!!! More on that soon.

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Don’t: Be overdramatic.

Do: Pray for everyone still struggling with the aftermath of the hurricanes. My Florida family is still without power and internet. It’s VERY hot in their house now and they’re trying to roll with it as best they can.

Don’t: Move to Florida (at least I have more of an excuse now).

Do: Wash your car.

Don’t… forget to document every milestone of your pupper’s life – including their first car wash!!

Do: Go to Costoco.

Don’t: Make impulse purchases at Costco or you might end up with a ton of organic dark chocolate covered banana slices… and they’re not great. The banana inside is freeze dried so it’s dry and the consistency just seems unsatisfying with the creamy chocolate outside.

Do: Know the location and hours of the closest Starbucks drive-thru is to your home, work, school, other…

Don’t forget that you want to try and recreate these egg bites at home (even though I heard it was pretty complicated). I might have to recreate the egg white and feta wrap first since I already have most of those ingredients.

Do: Make a delicious protein shake to have post-workout or as a snack.

Don’t: forget the toppings!!! The toppings are my favorite part.

Do: Write out your marathon training plan on a calendar and put it up somewhere that you’ll see it everyday.

Don’t: Forget to mix your Spark the night before so it’s ready and cold when you go to grab it in the morning.

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( Also please Do: Tell me if you’ve tried the Iced Lemon Cake protein powder. It’s a limited time item and I haven’t tried it before. )

Do: celebrate taco Tuesday any day of the week

Don’t: be sad if you don’t have a taco plate – the tacos are still delicious without it!

Do: Enter in the Lexus Lace Up Contest for a free race entry to the Ventura, CA event! You can choose between the full marathon / half marathon or 5K. The race is Oct 22.

Enter here on Instagram

Don’t worry if you don’t win – I have a discount code that will help ya save money.

This final Do / Don’t is directed to me…

Do: Run hard.

Don’t make anymore excuses about the weather or your fitness level or timing or …

I’ve been full of excuses and bullsh*t this year.

I need to stop with the excuses and do my best. Whatever my best is right now today. It’s not going to help me if I wait until I’m in better shape or faster or fitter or thinner or more motivated… I need to start right now, right here and run my best, follow my training plan and show the heck up for myself.

Question: What is one thing you should DO this weekend ?


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