Hello! How was your weekend? Did you run the Chicago Half Marathon? Run a race? Go on a trip??? I had a nice trip… in that I fell.

Yep. Your local Monican fell Saturday morning just one mile into her run. Boo.

I don’t know how it happened – there wasn’t anything super obvious on the sidewalk that I tripped on. After I fell I immediately popped by up and kept running to avoid extra embarrassment from anyone that might have seen me go down.

After a few yards I stopped to walk and assess how hurt I was. I decided to do a quick Instagram Live to share what just happened. It was nice feel like I could tell someone (you guys!) and share my pain for a second. I actually didn’t really look at my knee until I pointed my phone at it on the video.

Since it was just seconds after the fall, my knee didn’t look that bad at first. Once I realized it was just surface wounds to my knee (and a huge injury to my ego)… I decided to keep going.

It definitely hurt, but not enough to change my stride (that would be super bad because it could cause another kind of injury from bad form or overuse ). It took a few minutes for me to realize my other knee was scraped up too and started to sting. I stopped to take a picture for blog purposes. After this it started to bleed more and my sweat made the blood drip down my shin – so it looked dramatic. One guy walked by me at the end of my run and said, “Oh! Are you okay? That looks bad!! You okay?”

Ha! I kinda thought it was funny because it was his gut reaction.

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I ended up cutting my run a little short and doing 12 miles. I took more walking breaks than usual. It was hot, I kept stopping to change up the podcasts I was listening to…



Overall, I’m just glad I’m not seriously hurt and I can cross one of my annual falls off the list. Boom.

Post-run I took a shower and then googled “How to survive falling during a run”

I didn’t find any solid articles on this topic in peer reviewed medical journals so I started a research study of my own…

Healthy lifestyle impact on running blogger post-fall – does watermelon speed up recovery?

This study follows one runner who fell July 2017 on a 12 mile run. Subject is a female red-head of Spanish decent who has run for 8+ years and falls an average of 2 times a year. Subject

Objective: Justify blogger’s consumption of an entire watermelon after a trip which resulted in a skinned knee.

Data collection: Watermelon via Costco in Orange County, CA.

Conclusion: Yes. Runner confirmed she felt significantly better after eating watermelon.

Study Limitations: Subject also consumed fried rice and chocolate chip cookies. This may have had a positive impact on recovery and morale.

Further research into above mentioned watermelon and chocolate chip cookies must be done before any official conclusions are noted.

Question: What did you run? What did you eat this weekend??


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