I am kinda anti-wearing all black. It just looks like you’re going to a funeral or are trying to be a ninja.

But the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Mary shirts were black. Again. They were black last year and I never wore it. I pretty much always wear black capris to run (no black on black rule) and it’s not the best color to wear if you want to be seen by retirees in a sleepy FL town.

But, it’s a tech tee and it fits, so I packed it along with me to Florida.

And today I decided to just embrace the all black attire and be a ninja – Ginga Ninja to be exact

Seriously, I want this shirt.

I ran a slow 5.5 miles. I’m really trying to kick this sore throat to the curb but he keeps coming back for more. Boo.

Three Things Thursday

Three Things I’ve been eating in Florida:

1. Breakfast is eggs and oatmeal – the usual.

Plus coffee with half and half. I kinda hate that it really does taste so much better…

2. Salads

3. Candy.

I’m trying to avoid having a brownie or piece of pie every night but it’s hard. A piece of good candy is the compromise (most nights).

Three Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Run

2. After Christmas Shopping

3. Watched an episode of Homeland – I like it!

In other news…

Did you hear Bethenny and Jason are splitting up?

A few readers messaged me and left comments since I am a big fan of of her. Sucks. We really have no idea how someone’s relationship is unless we’re part of it, so I’m not going to weigh in on that. I’m just bummed for both of them – especially since she was going to therapy and trying to work through her issues (but I think they never did official couples therapy outside of that boat thing?). Anyway, I was rooting for them.

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Question: What are 3 things you’re eating this week?

3 things you’re doing?

3 happy relationship tips?

I already told you what I’m eating and doing and my relationship tips are best discussed after 3 glasses of wine…


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