Hi! How’s it going? Today I’m sharing 3 words to describe how I feel about training for the Boston Marathon, eating for the Boston Marathon and other randomness from my life.

This week the Hyland’s Boston Marathon team is challenged to focus on motivation. Training for a marathon is a long haul so it’s important to have positive reminders on why we run and why it’s awesome (because sometimes it’s rough!). And I think it’s important to share the ups and downs of running. There are tons of post-run selfies and race medal victory pics all over social media. But the hard runs, the cramps, the wall, the tears…  all of that happens too.

Today we’re challenged to share 3 words on how we feel about the Boston Marathon. The first two came to mind immediately – the last one was a little harder because it depends on how I feel and how my run went that day. Honorable mentions include: hungry, lost, tired, happy.

I’m sharing 3 words to describe how I feel about training for the race… I went with SCARED / EXCITED / SWEATY. Seems about right.

I do feel all those things when I think about the Boston Marathon – it’s scary and intimidating but also makes me excited. And I get sweaty. Mostly when I run, but other times too.

On training…

I took a step back today to go over my mile splits and see how I did at the marathon this weekend. I definitely have a lot of work to do. I’m not fit enough to keep a strong pace for the whole race. I need to work on both speed and endurance at this point. Noted. Going to make some tweaks to my training and long term plan. I need more time and magic and hard training and runs and everything else.

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Okay… let’s stick with this theme and I’m sharing 3 words on all the other stuff from today:

Vegas my cat.

Oven cooked pasta,

Roast all vegetables.

I love star-fruit.

Vegas and Monican.

Blueberries are everywhere.

Running –  without watch.

(See why here)

Question: What are 3 words to describe your workout / run today?


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