Yesterday Ben and I went on our three year anniversary date. We were going to eat dinner at the place where we had our first date, but when we first met we lived over an hour from each other and picked a place in the middle. Now that restaurant is over an hour away from us and we didn’t want to deal with rush hour traffic.

But, it was a Mexican restaurant so we kept the theme and went to Miguel’s

I had to capture a pic of the view behind the restaurant. Look at those mountains! Yesterday was gorgeous.

Chips to start…

and a Skinny Margi to share

I ordered the Baja Burrito – cod, beans, cabbage and sauce in a wet burrito

Ben ordered the fajitas

They came with the usual sides and “homemade” flour tortillas. Those tortillas were to die for. Seriously I stole one and we ended up getting a second order to go!

What’s the one perk of being an adult versus a carefree kid?

Eating dessert BEFORE dinner!

Ben came home from work with this chocolate cake. It’s a thing of beauty, but I do have to say I’m more of a cake NOT frosting girl, so I was disappointed with the 50-50 ratio of cake to mousse.

I know, some of you won’t get that and others are totally on my page. I’m the girl who eats the Oreo cookie part and scrapes off the frosting from the inside! What a weirdo.

Don’t worry though – I still ate it. I just paid extra attention to the “cake part”.

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Happy Cake to Meee!

After dinner we went to see What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It’s no secret that Ben is super ready to have a baby and me, not so much. I think he was hoping this would push me over to the “baby time” side. Sneaky.

I did really like the movie, but I’m not on the baby bandwagon just yet. I’m warming up to it more and more though, so there’s that ray of hope for him

Happy Anniversary!

Ben and I don’t exchange presents. He cheated this year and got me that new suitcase because the 3rd Anniversary gift is supposed to be leather and he said some suitcases are leather so it’s the same idea. Really, I just needed it!

Anyways, we don’t usually exchange gifts. We save our money and go on a vacation instead. First it was our honeymoon to Belize

The next year we went to Curacao

Last year we went to Panama

And this year….

Well, this year we can’t decide! We have spent the entire week talking about different options. It’s weird because we’re completely open to pretty much anywhere and neither of us really really wants to go somewhere specific. So, we’re going to give it a few more days and decide soon so we can plan to go before December.

Here is our travel brainstorming so far:

1. We want to go somewhere outside of the US. As we’ll probably stay in the US for trips once we have babies, at least for a while.

2. We don’t want to go on a cruise. Just not my thing.

3. We would like for it to be active – like hiking or snorkeling. But, walking around a European town would be good too.

4. It has to be a somewhat safe place. I don’t care how beautiful Afghanistan is this time of year…

5. It should be someplace we haven’t been yet. Even though we both would love to go back to Costa Rica

Question: Are you a cake or frosting person?

Got any good ideas for our trip? (I know I already asked this, but I’m still shopping around for ideas)


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