Vegas is an inside/outside cat. I’d say he spent an hour or two outside everyday. But after getting into a bad cat fight recently I need to keep him inside all the time now. It sucks because he doesn’t understand why he is being forced to stay inside.

It also sucks because he thinks I’m a tonta and just forgot how to let him out so he tries to remind me over and over and over and over in the morning and at night (his usual go outside times)… He meows at me > then at the door > then back at me > trying to get me to follow him to the door because I obviously didn’t understand…

A few people left me Instagram messages suggesting I get him a cat condo or different cat toys. And someone mentioned a cat game where they have to do something to get their food. Basically I need to entertain him and stimulate his lil cat brain.


So the first thing I thought to do was… give him away.


I’m looking into all the suggestions on how to transition a cat that was used to going outdoors to being inside all the time. I found a few different things I’m going to try and I wanted to share a few of the suggestions too. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Gifts for Cats that are Retiring to Inside Living

1. Cat condo or Cat Tree

There are so many options for cat condos or cat playhouses! Some are super high end and expensive and others are small boxes for them to play and hide.

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Initial thoughts: Given that Vegas did spend most of his day inside and just went outside to go to the bathroom and sit on the fence to watch people walk by with judge-y eyes… I don’t think he’d use it to climb/play. I might consider a lil cube box for cats though.

2. Cat grass

Is this some slang term for drugs I’m not familiar with?

Ha! Okay – I think this one is a good idea.

Initial thoughts – I think he’ll dig it.

Get it?

3. Cat Scratcher

Scratch boards often come with cat nip too! He already has one of these and uses it.

Initial thoughts – Yes, have one and will keep buying them. (You have to get a new one when the part where they scratch is worn down.)


4. Cat games

Is this like reindeer games? Monopoly for cats??  Twister?

This is an Activity Center for Cats … yep. My first reaction is to think that’s a little unnecessary but he hasn’t been playing with the ipad I got him so maybe he wants something a little less techie?

Other cat toys I’m considering:

Cheese Chase – Round tube where a cat can ‘chase’ a lil mouse that moves around.

Laser pointer – Laser light he can chase when I play with him. We’ve had one before and he’ll play for a little while.

Treat puzzle – Small puzzle cats have to figure out to get treats out.

Initial thoughts: I like these but I’m not sure which one to get him…

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You can check out all the Cat Games and Toys list here. Let me know if you and your pets use any of these and if you have ideas that work well.

Question: Do you have any suggestions on what I can do for Vegas?


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