Hello! How’s it going? I signed up for some races! Finally!! I’m excited

And I have a new video for you. This is a follow up to my Notes on How I Lost Weight post. (Um, I just wrote “I Love Weight” – ha!)

Anyway… I’m talking about my #3 tip – I figured out what my body needs to feel satisfied. What our bodies need to feel good isn’t always what the magazines / blogs / news stories  etc. think is what we should eat. So it’s important to listen and learn from YOUR body. Do you. Treat yourself well.

I love smoothies with a lot of toppings – including nuts for breakfast. I’ll also do PB or AB toast before a run and/or Avocado Toast after a run. It depends on the day.

My usual protein shake recipe: Ice / Frozen Spinach / Scoop Protein Powder / Almond Milk / Banana OR Blueberries.

Blend. Blend again.

Top with nuts, granola, chia seeds…

I usually use vanilla or berry protein powder for my breakfast smoothie. If I have a smoothie later in the day I often do chocolate powder and sometimes add a packet of stevia and top with mini-chocolate chips for a treat.

P.S. You can make super easy protein balls with that protein powder too!

Advo just came out with Ready to Drink protein cartons if you want one on the go. I haven’t tried them yet but wanted to pass it on in case you need something to take to school, work or the gym.


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Question: What is the BEST breakfast for your body?


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