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Hello! How’s it going? Over here it’s going great. Extra great for the person who can say they ran their shoes off! Yep, I saw this sole from a shoe on the running path this morning. That is intense.

Also intense… this baked scallop roll I got last night.

Sushi is awesome because you order a ton of different things and eat all of them and pretend like it’s not covered in mayo and teriyaki sauce because your friend ordered sashimi. And I still stick by my view that sushi looks like art.

This morning after running and eating and repeating I hit up Costco for some grocery essentials. I’m either very brave or very dumb because I opened the pomegranate arils to eat on the way home. Actually, I was probably not brave or dumb but just hungry?

And at another store I spotted this new-to-me Chobani yogurt. Dulce de leche!!! Yes please.

And now I’m doing some major meal prep in an effort to get at least one aspect of my life together. I have brown rice in the rice maker thingy. I just roasted a ton of broccoli and I have the rotisserie chicken to shred. Boom. That should last me 1.5 meals. I am so excited about the broccoli.

The best life advice I can give you is to roast every vegetable ever. Ever. Preferably with olive oil and salt and garlic and dip in ketchup or hummus. The end.

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Run Camp

I’d like to invite you to join our Run Camp. It’s a 21 day challenge I’m leading starting next week. So many of us set running goals for the year and this is a way to make sure you get specific about your goals, start keeping track of your running and are fueling well to succeed! We’re  going to hit on all the bases to make sure you are a better, fitter and stronger runner.

RER’s 21 Day Virtual Running Challenge starts January 9th. It’s free and open to all levels of runners.

  • What is it: 21 days of tips, tricks, recipes, workouts and more
  • Where: Virtual! You’ll get each day’s challenge to your inbox and can complete it at home.
  • When: Jan 9 to 29
  • Why: Because you want to RUN FASTER, STRONGER or LONGER
  • Who: Open to all runners, all abilities. The challenges can be incorporated with your current training plan or running routine.

Each day I’ll send you a running tip, recipe idea for before/after running, workout, motivational reminders and more! Do this along with your training plan or set a goal and start a training plan Jan 9th. (I’ll also share some links to good plans if you’re looking for one on the first day when we talk about goals.)

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Sign up for the email reminders and Run Camp Calendar. Follow along here on RER and you’ll be a better runner in 21 days!

Question: How many pomegranate arils do you guess I dropped in my car while eating them?

What is the deal with the person who ran their shoe off?!

What is your favorite way to make broccoli? Is there another magic method I need to know?


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