Hello! I just spent the day at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim! It was epic as always and I want to share my favorites soon, but I have over 100 pictures and notes to go through so I’m going to work on that tomorrow. For now I am checking in with day 3 of my 10 day clean eating challenge.

I started the day with a good run and about 8.8 minutes of abs.

Randomly, there was a lei hanging on a tree along the running path. It looked like a nice one too – wonder what’s that all about… Is this littering in Orange County? So fancy.

I had toast before my run and a smoothie after.

Lunch was a salad with chicken and leftover roasted veggies.

I also have been eating tons of fruit.  I’m focused on trying not to eat junk but I still want sweets and treats so I’ve been eating fruit in place of straight up donuts.

And Spark all the time!! Okay, not all the time but at least once a day,  mostly after lunch. (Most people doing the challenge have it in the morning instead of coffee but I still have coffee and have this later.)

The expo ( #ExpoWest) was super long and crazy – I loved it. But I headed home pretty late and hit up Costco on the way back. I grabbed a quick and easy dinner – salad kit and rotisserie chicken. Done and done.

Question – saw these fruit trees at Costco… I only have a patio, but really want one.  I need a tree, right?? Yes.

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They have lemon / lime / mandarin orange…

Question: What kind of tree should I get?


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