Hello! How’s it going? Yesterday was super busy with work and online deal hunting and covering the cat in blankets…

When I got home from Florida there was a package waiting for me (inside thanks to my lil housesitter as it rained!)… Chex cereal. This is my favorite one!

But I don’t really have a lot of food photos from recent eats because they’ve all been less than photogenic and less than healthy.

(See: the cheese fries and vodka sodas I had last night)

(See also: the Instagram story I made in the restroom of that bar where I might have been slightly buzzifed.)

The point of this entire lil confession is to say I bought the 24 day challenge pack to start in January. There’s going to be a big group doing it together with a FB group and extra support.

But I decided to just start now to get back to clean eating and because I need the extra energy right now. I just focus on eating healthy, skipping alcohol and junk food and not snacking after dinner – so it’s not a crash diet but a way to get me to put the brakes on the 16 chocolate squares I randomly ate last night.

Bonus: There is free shipping on orders over 175 and a few limited time items like a variety Spark pack and holiday tins available until tomorrow. A reader was just asking about a variety pack and I said they don’t make one – then a few days later… #Boom

To get me in the holiday spirit I’ve been working on a fun Christmas craft… come back for that!!

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And I got my nails painted a sparkly red! It’s called Ruby Pumps.

In other news…

I hit up Bev Mo for craft supplies and spotted the wine Amy Schumer mentioned in her book. She is obsessed with Rombauer Chardonnay.

Well, I really want to try it out of curiosity but this would be the most expensive bottle of wine I’ve ever bought. I couldn’t bring myself to get it because it was just a random day and not a special occasion or anything. Maybe I’ll save up the change I find while running and put it toward this?

See? She’s so into it – it must be amazing. Since it’s on the internet it must be 1000% true.

Now I’m sipping iced coffee and waiting for the sun to rise so I can RUN!!! What are you up today today?

Question: Do you buy fancy wine? Would you buy that wine??

What’s the most expensive food you buy?

I think it’s going to be almond butter for most of us…


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