Hello! How’s it going? Over here it’s going weird for SoCal… it’s raining! I hit the sidewalk for an easy 8 miles in the rain. Since water doesn’t usually fall from the sky here I kind of like running in the rain. It makes me feel legit.

I stopped to take pictures of the leaves around mile 2.5. They are GORGEOUS. So colorful and happy! I love it. We don’t have a lot of trees like this around so when I see one it really sticks out.

I had my headphones in, but my podcast was paused as I snapped away a ton of pictures from different angles. I really can’t do these leaves justice, but I wanted options to share on social media.

As I was taking pictures I heard someone say something to get my attention. I looked up and a guy had pulled up his truck next to the path. He didn’t want to scare me so he just kind of said ‘hi’ or something at first.

When I realized he was talking to me I smiled and figured he wanted directions. Nope. He said I was inspiring because I was running in the rain. He runs, but doesn’t run when it’s raining and thinks it’s very inspirational to see people run in the rain. Ah! That is really nice! And it made me proud of myself for getting out there this morning.

He didn’t need to stop and say that, but it’s cool that he took a second to share. I try to remember when I think something nice about someone to say it, even if it’s kind of awkward for me. Build people up! We don’t have enough of that in this lil world.

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Okay, now I have something to confess…

Last night I hit up the 99 cent store for a few random things I needed. I spotted this at the check out = cat food mixed in with the air freshener. I didn’t do this. I don’t think someone did it to be funny! It was an accident, but might end up a major fail for someone. Gross.

Okay, but that’s not what I wanted to confess…

I spotted PB&J Toaster Strudels at Ralph’s recently on manager’s special. I am on the 24 day challenge right now so I didn’t buy them. I wanted to, but thought I should keep straight up junk food out of the house.

Well, they were at the 99 Cent Store and I couldn’t resist. C’mon! 99 Cents! Even if I just had one it’d be worth it, right?

I ended up making one and taking a few bites because I really wanted to try it. I gave the rest to Ben.

Truthfully, I did think it was good! I know some of you might be hoping I’d say, “Gross! This was so processed and fake…” but nope I liked it. However it wasn’t life changing enough for me to eat the whole thing. I enjoyed a few bites with some milk and called it good. Now I’m not tempted to ‘cheat’ on the challenge or binge my life away. Craving and curiosity satisfied.

Outside of this I’ve been trying to eat clean and get in an extra walk to stay on track. I am looking for progress, not perfection and feel like I’m balancing it pretty well.

*Note: Advo is offering free shipping on the 24 Day Challenge and a few extra gifts if you order by Dec 20. They only do free shipping this time of year so it’s a good deal if you’re thinking about it for January.

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Now I’m putting together the prizes to send out to the POTM winners!

I have a huge pile of awesome running gear from Nathan for the winners!! I feel like Santa Claus! Ho ho ho! Gimme some cookies.

In Running and Race Discount News…

I have a lot of new race discounts to share!! And I’ll have more soon. I add everything to my Race Discounts page after I post them, so check there before signing up for races.

OC Marathon and Half Marathon Discount:

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OC Marathon and Half Marathon is May 17, 2017

Surfer’s Point Race Series Discount:

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The Surfer’s Point Race Series includes 3 races:

  • Feb – Seaside Half marathon 5k, 10k
  • July – Shoreline Half marathon 5k, 10k
  • Nov – Surfers Point Marathon, half, 5k, 10k

Get 30% off with the code: RUNSERIES17

If you already registered for one of the races and/or are registering for one you can use code: RER30

Question: Has anyone every told you something nice on a run or at the gym? Have you given someone else a compliment like that?


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