Hi! Whatcha up to? Dusting cookie crumbs off your shirt? Wrapping presents while chugging eggnog? Taking a bite of each different chocolate in the box your neighbor sent over??

It’s the holidays. It happens.

Yes, overeating isn’t exactly good for you – but if this only happens a few times a year it’s not really gonna kill you either.

You know what kills just as bad as extra calories?

Making yourself feel like shit because of what you ate. That’s dumb. And unhealthy (just in a different way, right?).

You don’t need to beat yourself down after you overdo it at a party. You don’t need to remind yourself how many calories are in your glass every time you take a sip of eggnog. That takes away from your enjoyment. And if you’re going to eat up – you might as well really just enjoy every last lil taste.

There are a few different approaches to holiday eating:

“F it. I’ll start again on Jan 1st.”

“I’m NOT going to gain weight this season. I refuse to even look at a cookie!!”

“I’m going to weight and start dieting after New Year’s…”


“eat none of the the things”

You do you. There is no one perfect way to eat. There’s no one perfect way to balance treats. Some people do cheat days, some people do cheat months (me, I do), some people only fit in dessert when it works with their calorie counting app.

But no matter your plan, 99.9% of people overeat at some point.

That makes me feel better. Is that weird?

It makes me feel better to know that even people who don’t have a history of binge eating – overeat. People who don’t struggle with their weight – overeat. People who have lost 100 pounds and kept it off – overeat. People who have never had an issue with food or their weight – overeat.

This time of year in particular is challenging. There are a lot more treats and opportunities to indulge.

I have a history of binge eating and struggled with it in the past. I am pretty okay with it now, so it’s extra stressful when I overeat (which is different from binging). If/when I eat way too many cookies or french fries or french fried cookies (I hope that’s really a thing) I get nervous that I’m falling into a black hole of a binge.

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I personally try to keep true to the “Sometimes Food” theory.

There is nothing wrong with cookies or cake or ice cream or whatever your favorite treat is at the moment. But they are a ‘sometimes food’. This is a food you are totally free to enjoy – sometimes. It’s not an every night,  extra on weekends and 5x as much after a stressful day food. It’s something you really stop and enjoy when you’re eating it. And not having it everyday makes it more special.

So, enjoy all the “Sometimes Foods” that are around this time of year. Consider maybe skipping the ones you can have all the time. Really let yourself enjoy and celebrate the treats.

And don’t feel guilty about anything (except being mean to your mom, you should def feel guilty about that).

Question: What is your FAVORITE holiday treat?

Me: Hmmmm. I am a sweets girl so I have to go with any and all the fun cookies and baked goods at my parent’s house. They get delicious homemade brownies and cookies from friends and family. But I do want to give a special nod to tamales.


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